About Us


The Slip No Moore Ramp Runner, created by Donald J. Moore is a smart efficient way to bring added security to truck ramps of various sizes.

Slip No Moore Ramp Runner allows moving and delivery companies to offer a more secure way to safely move merchandise or products up and down the ramp without slipping, sliding or falling off due to less than ideal weather conditions or whenever the ramp is slippery.


“We desire to see all persons who use a truck ramp during inclement weather, or whenever they find the ramp condition to be slippery or hard to manage remain safe.  Whenever a moving ramp is in use, we desire to see all persons remain safe and free from bodily injury and we seek to reduce the risk of damage to the items they transport.  Therefore, our remedy is to provide an innovative solution that is convenient, smart and easy to use.



The Slip No Moore Ramp Runner is the brain child of Donald J. Moore.  His passion to meet a need and address a safety concern in a fresh new way gave him the idea.

 “I have a furniture and moving company that works with U-haul to transport merchandise.  During one of our moves, two of our employees were carrying a china cabinet and one of the men slipped on the bare ramp, which caused the china cabinet to fall on him and cut his arm.  The accident also damaged the client’s cabinet. I never thought about filing a claim against U-haul, I just wanted to find a way to keep this from happening again and the ideal for Slip No Moore Ramp Runner was born.  Now, U-haul offers the Slip No Moore Ramp Runner on their website as an additional safety feature.  Spending a little more up front to prevent bodily harm or damage to property is far better than spending thousands on the back end.  I know if a product like this were available to me at the time of our incident, I would have immediately purchased or rented a Slip No Moore Ramp Runner.

— Donald J. Moore:

If for any reason the friction or traction that a ramp normally provides is compromised, the Slip No Moore Ramp Runner is the solution.

Our Guarantee


The Slip No Moore Ramp Runner can be used on a daily basis, each and every time a truck is in use or rented.  No need to worry when it’s snowing, raining, hailing, drizzling, sleet or when it’s cold outside.  The Slip No Moore Ramp Runner will keep you safe.